Electric best braun series 9 Shavers Beating All Electric Shavers

Electric shavers always have some limitations and cannot replace disposable flashy blades for a good job. This was my conclusion on any electric best braun series 9 shaver after using some of the best names in the market. Being a heavy bearded man I cannot rely on an electric shaver for a clean shave as it would always miss some hair to capture.


Believe me I would have never purchased another electric shaver but I got this Braun electric shaver as a least surprise gift. And since then everything has changed about my concept of an electric shaver. Finally, this Braun shaver lives up to the hype as the best ever to date.


The Technology and USP


For the first time Braun is using Gillette technology for its cutter block and foil. Though Braun and Gillette are subsidiaries of Procter and Gamble they use their own respective technology until with this series 5, 360° Complete. This may or may not be the reason but the performance of Braun 8985 is incredible. This technology captures more hair easily and two passes is good enough to give a clean shave.


Another reason to credit for its high end performance and consistency is the technology of a clean and renewed system. This Braun shaver comes with a cleaning station that cleans and renews the shaver’s head with an alcohol based cleaning solution and oil for lubrication. After going through the clean and renew system cleansing your shaver’s performance is back to 100% and also gives fresh lemon scent.


Unlike some electric best braun series 9 shavers you can almost be rest assured that you don’t get irritation or rashes on your skin unless there are other reasons. You get a very smooth experience of shaving.


The shaver uses LED lights to display various information and status. Some models like the 8995 use LCD and display more information. You also get information for parts replacement, meaning information on when to change certain parts. You can reset the button once you replace the parts.


Maintenance best braun series 9


The cutter block and foil needs to be replaced after every 18 months to get back to new like performance. I am sure this will depend on your usage and may last longer. 


Norelco electric razors are made to a pretty high standard of quality. You always hear old timers reminiscing on the good ol’ days when consumer products were built to last. Sadly, they have a point there. In this fast paced global economy, it’s more cost effective to hire some by-the-blueprint freelancer to design a product and then to farm the production out to a Korean factory for cheap. Charge the same as the more high-end companies do, and you make a nice profit. Norelco handles the design of their products in house, and they always craft them to the highest standards of excellence. This is because they don’t just want to turn a profit, they want to earn loyal customers, which, in the end, is always better than a quick buck.




Norelco electric razors are always coming up with some new thing, like the Reflex Plus, with an unprecedented level of responsiveness, or the Speed XL Shaver, designed to give an incredibly quick shave by simply shaving more of your face at a time. This attitude comes from, again, Norelco’s ambition to be on top. You can carve out a niche for yourself by turning out the same products year after year, but you don’t rise to the top unless you’re trying new things before anyone else does.




Norelco shavers are an investment. You buy one, and it might last for years and years as long as you maintain it properly and keep it well stocked with fresh replacement heads. This of course goes back to craftsmanship. If you remember the Planned Obsolescence scandal of the 1980’s, a bunch of car manufacturers got into trouble for building cars to break down after a couple years so that the driver would have to buy a new one. What they neglected to consider in coming up with this clever business strategy: Why the heck would you buy your new car from the guys making cars that are guaranteed to break down after just two years? Longevity in any industry always comes down to producing a reliable product.