Halfway-House – Long Term Addiction Recovery

What happens in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center is what everyone wonders. This article is an account of an addict who spent months in a rehabilitation center and gets out of it a better person. Re-entering life after a long time in a rehab can be uncomfortable but a treatment facility like a Halfway-house can be of great help.


According to most drug rehabilitation and sober living jersey shore centers, recovery focused treatment facilities like Halfway-house can considerably improve the chances of a long-lasting addiction recovery. In this facility an addict is not only assisted to recover his status in the society but it also allows him or her to resolve unresolved issues and improve behavior and approach towards life. These all are provided while the addict is at the same time in a safe environment.


Each rehab has its own rules and two different recovery houses may or may not have the same rules and regulations. The following points provided below are some of the common points of Halfway-houses and other alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers which are applied for a long term recovery of addicts from addiction.


Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and sober living Jersey shore


It allows recovering addicts to get a support group and become more comfortable attending meetings or gatherings. This program is focused on changing the individual’s behavior and approach towards others.


Each resident should get a Home-group. A Home-group is a specific 12 step Program meeting that a recovering resident makes a commitment of attending every week. This is a way to help recovering addicts to share their views to other recovering addicts and also learn from each other’s experience. This is one strategy of most drug rehabilitation centers to help addicts interact with each other.


Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers will have residents get a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who is responsible for guiding an addict or resident through all steps of a 12 Step Program. He or she should also offer support during the stay in the Halfway-house.


Perform their daily chores. All residents in a Halfway-house are required to perform daily chores which include cooking, cleaning and other works. This helps them to maintain a clean surrounding.


Get a Job. Drug addicts or alcoholics may have already lost their job in their process of addiction. One thing known is that a job can be a way to help them support themselves. It can be a way to perform their work seriously and learn skills about money management. Residents are encouraged and helped to get a job which can help them carry out their duties without drug dependence.


Follow the house outside stipulations in which the residents are expected to be within the house’s premise at a certain time. At such times residents are not allowed to leave the living situation without another resident with him or her.


Residents are allowed to participate in Outpatient counseling. In an outpatient counseling, residents are required to attend a counseling session with a counselor from outside.


Each resident is expected to contribute their bit to their living environment by participating in house meetings.


After knowing all these rules and regulations of a Halfway-house, one may make up their mind of not going to a recovery home. But most drug rehabilitation centers would recommend going to a Halfway-house for a long term addiction recovery.


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