Stairlifts Advantages and Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts
First produced and marketed in the 1930’s mainly among the victims of polio, Stairlift was designed in the 1920’s by Pennsylvania’s CC Crispen to help his sick friend climb stairs. The plan was to create a chair that could climb stairs! The simplicity of the concept is probably the reason that contributes to the growing popularity of elevations of the ladder.


Stairlifts are part of the broad spectrum of mobility solutions that have revolutionized the lives of Americans with disabilities. Vertical Platform Lifts solutions have been required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to be installed in commercial establishments. Now the advantages of elevations of the ladder can be felt by everyone who has been benefited by the independence and convenience it offers for the elderly and disabled.


o Available for all types of ladders – straight or spiral curve – one of the advantages of elevations of the ladder is that they are the least expensive of all mobility solutions, which requires much lower than the green residential elevator and lift.

o Electricity and / or battery (AC – alternating current) chair is fixed at one end and travels across the tracks.

o Do not have much space, only require rails to be fixed in a discreet manner by the side of the staircase.

Stairlifts are relatively simple to install, with only the installation of the curve and spiral staircase that require more time and customization. The more complex the design of the ladder, the higher the cost of installation incurred and the time required to deliver the finishing Stairlift. In such cases, it usually takes up to 3 months for delivery, according to the manufacturer. With straight stairs however, the complexity and costs are significantly reduced. The cost of Stairlift is directly proportional to the extent of their need.


Stairlift rails are made of steel or aluminum, steel with the selection of complex curves and stairs. With 90 degrees and 180 degrees of rotation seats available


The user may Vertical Platform Lifts experience more comfort and flexibility

o Acorn and Stannah are some major Stairlift other manufacturers that offer a good number of features.

o Bruno Stairlifts create some of the most technologically advanced elevation of the ladder on the market, its model list that also includes the exclusive open-air-lift straight again.

Stairlifts are also known as stair chairs, stair glides, or chair lifts. These machines are a wonderful addition to a home or business for people who may have difficulty negotiating stairs safely due to a physical limitation. Most often, stairlifts are installed in residential settings for people who are handicapped or elderly, providing them a safe means to get from one floor of their home to another.

Stair lifts are definitely more budget friendly than a room addition or a nursing home. There are three styles of stair lifts available on the market today: outdoor stair lifts, straight stair lifts, and curved stair lifts. The feature most appreciated by people who look at stair lifts as an option is that any home can be outfitted with one, including homes with spiral staircases. It runs on a track that is secured to the steps and follows the incline of your staircase, customizing the lift to not only provide mobility for you, but to compliment your home as well. Outdoor stair lifts are ideal for those homes that may have several stairs going up to the entrance door and may be more economical in the long run compared to building a ramp.

Most stairlifts are operated using battery power (DC power). This way, if a power outage occurs in your neighborhood, rendering you without power, your stair lift will not be affected. Batteries for your stair chair are recharged after the lift is used and then is ready for the next time it’s needed. There are stair lifts operated via an electric current, but these models often have a backup battery just in case of a power outage. One advantage of a stair lift with AC power is that it can be recharged anywhere along the track. A stair lift powered via DC power must be recharged either at the very top or the bottom of the track.

Stair chairs utilize one of four drive types: a cable drive type, a chain drive type, a rack and pinion drive type or one that uses a screw driven actuator (powered by a rechargeable battery). Customer reviews have revealed that the rack and pinion drive type is the one that is the quietest and runs the smoothest overall. Some chair lifts have exposed working parts, so if you have children in the home on a regular basis, you’ll want to make sure your chair is one with the working parts safely secured.

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