Toy Poodle Training Tips Every Owner Must Know

poodle puppy
Toy poodle is among one of the cutest pets and is the smallest type of poodle breed. The best thing about them is that they are smart, active, obedient and always eager to learn something new. So if you are a new owner of this cute puppy, here are some important toy poodle training tips that you must know.


Short & happy training sessions

Make sure that you keep the cavapoos westchester county NY  training sessions short and interesting. Teach him some basic commands like sit, stand, walk, heel, etc. but keep the session as small as 15 minutes or they will get bored. Keep positive reinforcement as the theme of your puppy training. Even when he does something wrong, respond in a calm manner. Poodles are very good at studying facial expressions and hence one should stay happy & energetic during the training sessions.


Give them a cool environment

To the extent it is possible; keep your home environment cool and stress-free. It is really very important as poodles become anxious and upset in a stressed-out environment. This may even lead to problematic behavior in your cute puppy, which is harmful for him. Poodles are very sensitive, so it is quite important to be in a balanced and happy mood during the toy poodle training session. There should be no distraction in the training area so that your puppy can pay full attention to what you are teaching. Be sure about the fact that if you will be in a bad mood, your puppy will also become worried.


Reward them and cavapoos westchester county NY  

You can reward the puppy for calmly obeying your commands during toy poodle training sessions. This can be in the form of praise or treats. As poodles are sensitive to sounds and facial expressions, you can give them a lot of verbal praise and make cheerful sounds for encouragement.


Introduce, but don’t force to get into water

Toy poodle training involves introducing your puppy with water. The preferred time of water introduction is summers when the water is not cold enough. You can utilize another dog that swims to train your poodle puppy. Even if your pup is hesitant towards going into water, don’t force him and just let him watch other dogs having fun in water. This will also urge him to have fun too and swim in water. But you may have to use “force fetch” in case your poodle is 6 to 12 months of age and still doesn’t go into water.


Be Fair

Be fair with your puppy during toy poodle training. It means if he does something wrong, try to make him understand a concept in a calm manner instead of behaving harshly. Do not try to correct him for a mistake before any exercise or it may lead to lack of motivation in your cute toy poodle puppy.

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